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How to Maintain Zircon
1000s / 2015-09-07

 A. Prevent from breakage
Most of zircon jewelry is usually very hard, but zircon exist such as cleavage or parting structure defects. Strong force can make it very easily to damage. Protect zircon jewelry, therefore, the priority is to prevent from external force, please take it off when you are doing exercise, heavy work or cooking.

B. Clean frequently
1. Cleaning with cleanser: first the zircon should be immersed in a small dish detergent with warm water, then scrub the zircon gently with a soft cloth or soft brush, and thirdly put the zircon on screen and use warm water to wash, then finally use a soft cloth to blot its moisture.
2. Cold water immersion method: prepare half cup if ammonia water or alcohol, joined with the same volume of water, then put the zircon into this liquid and stir them gently. Then take out the zircons and put them on paper.The ammonia water will make the metal back (especially gold) more bright, white the advantages of alcohol is volatilized fast, thus leave no any water on surface of zircon.
3. Quick cleaning method: this method is to buy the zircon cleaning liquid, then do same as the manual. this method is the most suitable way.
4. Ultrasonic cleaning method: this method is to use a special ultrasonic cleaning device, it is simple and easy to operate, family can purchase small cleaning apparatus, or send for professional maintenance.

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