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Legend of Swarovski brand
1000s / 2015-09-10

Swarovski (Swarovski) is the world's leading manufacturer of crystal, crystal production to quality, dazzling and highly accurate and celebrated. A lot of people will be curious about this kind of brand story. Here take you to meet the origin of SWAROVSKI.
In 1895, from Bohemian inventor Daniel Swarovski (Daniel Swarovski) to the foresight and sagacity, carrying with his latest invention imitation crystal jewelry stones cutting and polishing machine moved to Austria taililai County of Walden,.
Since then, Swarovski began burst spark in the fashion world, becoming one of the world's leading cutting is exact imitation crystal manufacturers, fashion apparel, jewelry, lighting, architectural and interior design to provide imitation crystal elements.
Today, the company is still a family of fifth generations of business, the company has more than 120 countries around the world, employees about 26100 people.
SWAROVSKI enterprise's two main business, responsible for manufacturing and sales of crystal elements, as well as the design and manufacture of finished products. SWAROVSKI crystal has become an essential element of the international design works. Since 1965, the company has provided accurate cutting of natural and artificial gems for the advanced jewelry industry.
Get Swarovski brand licensing the 1000s jewelry brand, to product quality requirements will be adhering to the Swarovski's high request, high quality. 

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